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Best Brewery and restaurants in Ann Arbor Michigan


Arbor Brewing Company was founded by husband and wife team Matt and Rene Greff, who share a passion for beer and adventure.By their late 20’s, the Greffs had become disenchanted with their corporate gigs and soon after brewpubs were legalized in Michigan, they set about opening their own. They opened their doors in July, 1995 and became the first brewpub to open in Ann Arbor and only the fifth brewpub to open in Michigan’s fledgling industry.

It was a trip to Belgium where Matt and Rene fell in love with Belgium-style beer. It was that trip when the Greff’s decided it was time for Arbor Brewing Company to begin a sour program, the first of its kind in the State of Michigan. They inoculated barrels purchased from a Michigan winery by filling them with centuries old Belgium sours. Those same barrels still produce some of the best sours that come out of the Brewpub location.

In the years since, the original brewpub has expanded into the adjacent storefronts, more than doubling its original size. It has become a fixture in downtown Ann Arbor and still ranks among the 10 largest brewpubs in Michigan.



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